Paying too much for venture-backed booleans?

Enjoy flexible deployments with Flagsmith, an open source LaunchDarkly Alternative. The features you need, at a fraction of the price. Plus, no vendor lock-ins.

Deploy On-Premise
Unlimited Feature Flags Included
Open Source
No API call limits if you host yourself
Deploy To Kubernetes
Deploy to OpenShift
8 Region Edge API
Simple per request API pricing
Free SaaS Product

A LaunchDarkly alternative trusted by top development teams

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We always push for open source and that's why Flagsmith won out over the other solutions because you guys support enterprise, you guys support SaaS and you are also open source.

Go Endo, DevOps Manager at UnitedHealth Group (Optum)

On-Premise LaunchDarkly Alternative

Flexible deployment options give you full control over your flags. Co-locating feature flags provides maximum application-level security and minimizes service-to-service latency.

A-level team management (4-eyes approval, fine-grained role-based controls, SAML, Okta, LDAP).

Enterprise-level support (Infrastructure & Support SLAs).

No API call limits for On-prem clients.

If you’re looking for an on-Premise LaunchDarkly alternative - you definitely need to check Flagsmith out.

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Open Source LaunchDarkly Alternative

Flagsmith is an open source feature flag and remote config service. You can always check the code we wrote on our GitHub page.

The vast majority of the platform is open source.

Most of the platform is under the BSD-3-Clause license.

If you’re looking for a LaunchDarkly open source alternative, get started with our open source version!

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All the Features - Without Vendor Lock-In

Don’t overpay for LaunchDarkly.

We guarantee you get a world-class feature flagging solution without vendor lock-in or LaunchDarkly prices.

Don't pay for features you don't need.

Instead, use built-in integrations for your existing tools (analytics, CDN, CI/CD, observation/APM).

Release with confidence; manage feature flags across web, mobile, and server-side applications.

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SaaS LaunchDarkly Alternative

Get everything dev teams need out of a robust feature flagging solution and then go beyond that!

Take the advantage of the world’s best latency with our Edge API.

Your requests are automatically routed to the closest of our 8 data centers around the globe, minimizing the latency of every request you make.

We aim to serve 99% of requests within under 100ms, and in many cases, it’s much less.

Are you tired of LaunchDarkly pricing? If you’re looking at scalable and less expensive LaunchDarkly competitors - you definitely need to check Flagsmith out.


What about an annual discount?

If this sort of pricing is important to you - please get in touch. We are happy to accommodate longer agreements and work with your legal/security teams to get up and running.

What happens if I go over my plan limit?

Don't worry; we'll carry on serving your flags to your users. We realize that this is important to your application. If this does happen, we'll be in touch to discuss upgrading you to a new plan.

Are we able to run Flagsmith on-premises on our own infrastructure?

Yes! We believe that enabling engineering teams to run feature flags how they want is fundamental to a great feature management platform. You can run Flagsmith on-prem with your own infrastructure, you can use our Global Edge API and if that isn't enough, we'll even set up a private cloud infrastructure just for your team.

So how does this all work?

Our mission is to empower development teams to ship faster and continuously improve their products. That applies to the largest enterprise or a small startup; so we have features and pricing plans to meet the needs of any team.

See what features you need, or reach out and talk to us to learn more. We love helping you ship features faster and with more confidence!

What about SDKs?

Flagsmith ships with SDKs for a bunch of different programming languages. We also have a REST API that you can use if you want to consume the API directly.

Don't feel locked into a vendor or stuck with LaunchDarkly SDKs.

Can I switch?

Yes! We know moving tools can be a big deal, and we want to make it easy for you. (We even have a LaunchDarkly migrator.) We can help you with every step, from outlining success criteria to supporting compliance requirements to setting up a full-access trial to pressure-test your use cases.

Don't feel locked in or worry about surprises with your plan.

We decided on Flagsmith not just because of the system’s flexibility, but also the great support, the fact that you guys are open source and the great documentation.
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Jindrich Kubat, Head of Development

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