Flagsmith Release! v2.4.0

Ben Rometsch
December 8, 2020

This release is the first under our new brand, Flagsmith.

The rebrand comes with no breaking changes, mainly just a refactor to urls and wording, however we have built several new features and bug fixes since our last release:

  • If your api is using influx, we now show usage data in a graph format
  • New look and feel
  • Ability to bulk enable / disable all segment overrides and user overrides for a flag
  • Sensible page size for the users page
  • Improved E2E stability
  • Integrations page; this page is almost fully managed by remote config. It will allow users to enhance Flagsmith with your favourite tools. We currently support Datadog and will shortly support Amplitude.

The remote config to use this is as follows:


   "perEnvironment": false,
   "image": "https://xyz",
   "fields": [
       "key": "base_url",
       "label": "Base URL"
       "key": "api_key",
       "label": "API Key"
   "tags": [
   "title": "Data dog",
   "description": "Sends events to Data dog for when flags are created, updated and removed. Logs are tagged with the environment they came from e.g. production."



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