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So how does this all work?

First off, you're free to host Flagsmith yourself, without charge. We're 100% open source, and totally fine with you doing that.

If you want to support the project, or you don't fancy going through the hassle of managing that infrastructure yourself, we'd love you to sign up and use our hosted platform.

The only metrics you need to consider when deciding on your plan is the number of API calls you plan on making, and the number of team members you have that need access to Flagsmith. You can create as many projects, environments, flags and segments as you like. We feel that this is the fairest measure of usage.

How do you calculate API calls per month?

This is simply the total number of API requests you make for each calendar month, across all the projects in your organisation.

Each time you instantiate one of our client SDKs and get the flags for a user or application, you make 1 request. For example, if you have a single page React web application, you would generally make 1 API request when the user loads your app, and then maintain that data for the duration of the user session. If your web pages were generated server-side, you would generally make 1 API request for each page view.

We don't charge for every single API call. The following endpoints count against your monthly limit:

  • /flags
  • /identities
  • /traits

What is a Team Member?

Each Team Member can log in with their own email address. Audit logs record activities per logged in Team Member.

What happens if I go over my plan limit?

Don't worry; we'll carry on serving your flags to your users. We realise that this is important to your application. If this does happen, we'll be in touch to discuss upgrading you to a new plan.

What about an annual discount?

If this sort of pricing is important to you - please get in touch

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