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Flagsmith makes it easy to create and manage feature approval workflows.

Create feature-specific approval processes that match the needs of your enterprise before anything is pushed into production.

Transformation scale. We empower teams of 1,000+ engineers to ship faster and continuously improve their digital products all while meeting the rigorous demands of security standards.


Get builds out faster

Focus on true continuous integration. Flagsmith makes it easy to toggle individual features on and off, and make changes without deploying new code.


Ship new features with confidence

Control who has access to new features and mitigate risk by rolling features out gradually. Launch with fewer bugs and greater peace of mind.


Experiment seamlessly

Use Flagsmith Segments with your 3rd party analytics tools to run A/B and multivariate tests on new features. With Segments, you can also introduce beta programs to get early user feedback.


Empower non-technical teams

Flagsmith’s feature toggles make it easy for non-technical teams to manage feature releases by simply switching a feature on. The code has already been deployed, so it’s ready to go.

Scheduled Flags

The right release, the right segments at exactly the right time.

Flagsmith's scheduled flags allow our customers to choose the specific time that aligns to customer, team or management requirements.

Simply configure the date and time at which you want your feature to go-live and leave the rest to Flagsmith!

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Audit Logs

Track any changes that are made to any environment and send them to any reporting or alerting system to ensure visibility and security. Security and alerting made easy, powerful and flexible to protect your enterprise.

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Control and

Flagsmith was built with security in mind.

It’s open source and can be run in the cloud or deployed on-premises, putting reliability and data security in your control.

The audit log allows you to see all changes made, who made them, and when; so tracking is simple and there are no mysteries.

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Flagsmith has enabled us to get new features into production more quickly and start gathering feedback from real users.

Jedidiah Hurt, Palo Alto Software

Using feature flags have allowed us to always make sure the trunk branch in git is deployable. This is a particular relief in these challenging times (under a partial COVID-19 lockdown), because we can't always check with everyone on the team.

Niels Christensen, Motosumo

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