Feature Flags and Remote Config

Decouple deploy and release. Feature flags help you modernise your development process and deploy to production safely

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Feature flags

Create and manage feature flags across web, mobile, and server side applications.

Just wrap a section of code with a flag, and then use Flagsmith to toggle that feature on or off for different Environments, Users or user Segments.

You can now control access to this feature remotely, using Flagsmith, without needing to deploy your code a second time.


Decouple deploy and release

Focus on true continuous integration. Feature flags let you easily toggle individual features on and off. Make changes without deploying new code.


Ship new features with confidence

Control who has access to new features and mitigate risk by rolling features out gradually. Launch with fewer bugs and more confidence.


Experiment seamlessly

Integrate Flagsmith with your third party analytics tools to run A/B and multivariate tests on new features. Make informed decisions with flag data.


Unlock product teams

Let product teams toggle features on and off without needing engineering support. Perfect for beta tests and phased rollouts.

See it in Action

Try feature flagging in the interactive demo below

Remote config

Easily change or test out different feature properties without deploying new code.

Configure different elements of your features—like the font size of a header or color of a CTA button—directly through Flagsmith and release the changes to users in just a few clicks.

You can configure features for individual Segments, Users, and development Environments.

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Flag analytics

Flag analytics help you understand how your features are performing. Feature flag analytics share how many times a feature has been evaluated, and which users are seeing it.

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Control and

Flagsmith was built with security in mind.

It’s open source and can be run in the cloud or deployed on-premises, putting reliability and data security in your control.

The audit log allows you to see all feature flag changes, who made them, and when; so tracking is simple.

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Flagsmith has enabled us to get new features into production more quickly and start gathering feedback from real users.

Jedidiah Hurt, Palo Alto Software

Using feature flags have allowed us to always make sure the trunk branch in git is deployable. This is a particular relief in these challenging times (under a partial COVID-19 lockdown), because we can't always check with everyone on the team.

Niels Christensen, Motosumo

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