My Mac Setup - 2020/21: Getting close to OS nirvana

The Covid years.

Eps. 4Outline

With our guest Tom Moor, Founder @ Outline

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Eps. 3InfluxDB

With our guest Paul Dix, Co-Founder & CTO @ InfluxDB

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Eps. 2Plausible

With our guests Uku Taht and Marko Saric, Founders @ Plausible

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Eps. 1Ansible

With our guest Michael DeHaan, Founder @ Ansible

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Best Practices for Feature Flag Management

This short guide will help you understand some of the best practices to apply when using feature flags and how to manage them effectively.

Flagsmith Release! v2.4.0
Customer Story: Palo Alto Software

Palo Alto Software's first feature flag allowed them to toggle on an incident response tool for specific accounts and determine root cause of reported problems.

our workshopflagsmithcustomer-story
Bullet Train is now Flagsmith

Here's why

Customer Story: Motosumo

Motosumo manages major releases with feature flags using Bullet Train.

our workshopflagsmithcustomer-story
Customer Story: Evervault

Evervault speeds up their release cadence and delivers better product uptime with Bullet Train.

What I've learned creating a React Native performance monitor

Introducing react-native-performance-monitor and what it taught me

Self Hosting all the things

Why pay when you can host?

Hello Freshchat, goodbye Intercom!

Our Decision to drop Intercom for Freshchat

Our new homepage

How we split our homepage from the Bullet Train application

Creating Identities

With Bullet Train you can now create identities from the dashboard

Overcoming bottlenecks between design, frontend and backend developers

A few things you can do to help work better together in your development team

Hacking our e2e tests to make them more useful

How Bullet Train adjusted their nightwatch e2e tests to provide API error reporting.

A sensible approach to Cross platform development with React and React Native

How I go about developing shared code between web and React Native

Using feature flags and remote config in CI

Why we developed and open sourced Bullet Train, the remote feature management tool.

Bullet Train is now Flagsmith, read about it here.