The Craft

of Open Source

Welcome to The Craft of Open Source, hosted by Ben Rometsch. This bi-weekly podcast is focused on the ins-and-outs of the Open Source Software Community. Join Ben as he speaks with the brightest minds that have brought us some of the most adopted technologies on earth. Each episode is an interview with creators, maintainers, entrepreneurs and key contributors to the open source community.  

Eps. 4Outline

With our guest Tom Moor, Founder @ Outline

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Eps. 3InfluxDB

With our guest Paul Dix, Co-Founder & CTO @ InfluxDB

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Eps. 2Plausible

With our guests Uku Taht and Marko Saric, Founders @ Plausible

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Eps. 1Ansible

With our guest Michael DeHaan, Founder @ Ansible

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