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Flagsmith is proud to be a founding member of the the OpenFeature ecosystem.
Use Flagsmith as your OpenFeature provider with SaaS, On Premise, or Private Cloud solutions.

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What is OpenFeature?

OpenFeature is an open specification for feature flags and their associated SDKs. It's an open-source CNCF incubating project designed to work with a variety of feature flag tools or homegrown solutions.

OpenFeature prevents vendor lock-in by letting you easily switch between Feature Flagging platforms without needing to refactor your code.

Flagsmith has built a number of OpenFeature providers across various languages and frameworks.


No Vendor Lock-In

Easily switch between feature flag vendors so you’re not stuck in the dark.


OpenFeature SDK Support

Freely swap providers and rely on officially-supported SDKs and providers.


Open Source Community

Get built-in user testing and contributions from devs around the world.


Batteries Included SDKs

SDKs include support for other technologies, such as Open Telemetry.

How We
Partner With OpenFeature

Flagsmith has been involved with the OpenFeature project from its inception. Ben Rometsch, one of the Flagsmith co-founders, is on the governance board of the OpenFeature project.

We’re strong advocates for open standards, open source, and taking the lock-in out of feature flags.

You can check out Flagsmith’s officially-supported OpenFeature provider and SDKs here.

OpenFeature Provider & SDKs
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import { OpenFeature } from "@openfeature/web-sdk"
import { MyCustomOpenFeatureProvider } from "@example/openfeature"

OpenFeature.setProvider(new MyCustomOpenFeatureProvider())
const client = OpenFeature.getClient()
const fontSize = client.getStringValue("font_size", "12px")
application.render({ fontSize })

How to Migrate Providers With OpenFeature

OpenFeature lets you migrate away from your current feature flagging solution by changing your application’s feature flag code to use OpenFeature, and eventually swapping out the provider when you’re ready to migrate.

How to Use Flagsmith's OpenFeature Provider

Changing solutions/vendors is as easy as swapping out the OpenFeature provider—this is why having a standard interface like OpenFeature is so powerful.

Flagsmith has an OpenFeature provider that lets you easily switch between feature flag/remote config solutions or vendors.

import { OpenFeature } from "@openfeature/web-sdk"
import { FlagsmithClientProvider } from "@openfeature/flagsmith-client-provider"

const flagsmithProvider = new FlagsmithClientProvider({
    environmentID: "abc123...",
const client = OpenFeature.getClient()
const fontSize = client.getStringValue("font_size", "12px")
application.render({ fontSize })

What is OpenFeature?

OpenFeature is an open specification that provides a vendor-agnostic, community-driven API for feature flagging that works with a variety of feature flag providers.

Why is Flagsmith involved in OpenFeature?

We believe that vendor lock-in can be a real problem for developers. In our view, OpenFeature and open standards are the best way of avoiding this issue.

Why Would I use OpenFeature?

Using OpenFeature gives you greater flexibility if you want to swap out your flag provider down the line.

How can I find out more about OpenFeature?
Flagsmith has enabled us to get new features into production more quickly and start gathering feedback from real users.

Jedidiah Hurt, Palo Alto Software

Using feature flags have allowed us to always make sure the trunk branch in git is deployable. This is a particular relief in these challenging times (under a partial COVID-19 lockdown), because we can't always check with everyone on the team.

Niels Christensen, Motosumo

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