Flagsmith & AppDynamics Enable Advanced Performance Analysis

Cassandra Polzin
June 21, 2021
AppDynamics + Flagsmith logos

For organizations with expansive tech stacks, it can be difficult to track everything across platforms. AppDynamics provides advanced technology monitoring by congregating data from your entire stack in one platform, which can be overlaid with key business metrics, allowing you to track the performance of your technology in correlation with your business performance.

Flagsmith provides feature flagging tools that make it easy for you to roll out new features to a select subset of users. If the feature works well, you can then continue to roll it out to the rest of your user base. If not, you can easily roll the feature back, with most users none-the-wiser.

Flagsmith now supports AppDynamics for performance monitoring. You can send data from Flagsmith to AppDynamics to analyze in coordination with the rest of your tech stack and business performance. You’ll be able to easily explore how new features impact hardware performance, business revenue, and more.

The AppDynamics integration is only available to Enterprise customers. Understand how to get started with the AppDynamics integration in our documentation.Explore all of the platforms Flagsmith integrates with here.



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