Integrate New Relic with Flagsmith

Cassandra Polzin
June 23, 2021
New Relic + Flagsmith logos

New Relic provides visibility for software engineers into their tech stack. With New Relic, engineers can monitor, analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize their software from one interface. New Relic makes it easier for engineers to develop incredible software.

Flagsmith also makes it easier for engineers to develop incredible software by enabling feature roll-outs and rollbacks with feature flagging. Feature flags allow you to roll new features out to a select subset of users. If the feature performs well, you can continue rolling it out to the rest of your user base. If it doesn’t, you can quickly roll it back, with most of your users not ever knowing.

Together, Flagsmith and New Relic provide powerful resources for software engineers. With our integration, you can send flag change events from Flagsmith into your New Relic event stream. From there, you can monitor flag change events in correlation with the rest of your tech stack, making it even easier to analyze feature performance.

Getting integrated is as easy as generating an API key from New Relic, and adding it to your Flagsmith account. Get step-by-step instructions for setting the integration up in our documentation. Explore all of the platforms Flagsmith integrates with here.



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