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Bullet Train is now Flagsmith

Here's why

Published: Nov 13 2020 By Ben Rometsch:

Customer Story: Motosumo

Motosumo manages major releases with feature flags using Bullet Train.

Published: Nov 10 2020 By Ben Rometsch:
our workshopbullet-traincustomer-story

Customer Story: Evervault

Evervault speeds up their release cadence and delivers better product uptime with Bullet Train.

Published: Oct 20 2020 By Ben Rometsch:

What I've learned creating a React Native performance monitor

Introducing react-native-performance-monitor and what it taught me

Published: Mar 14 2020 By Kyle Johnson:

Self Hosting all the things

Why pay when you can host?

Published: Feb 01 2020 By Ben Rometsch:

Hello Freshchat, goodbye Intercom!

Our Decision to drop Intercom for Freshchat

Published: Jan 06 2020 By Ben Rometsch:

Our new homepage

How we split our homepage from the Bullet Train application

Published: Dec 17 2019 By Kyle Johnson:

Webhooks for feature flags

With Bullet Train you can now receive webhooks when features have changed

Published: Dec 15 2019 By Kyle Johnson:

Bullet Train - November Release

Our Bullet Train November Release

Published: Nov 15 2019 By Kyle Johnson:

Creating Identities

With Bullet Train you can now create identities from the dashboard

Published: Sep 12 2019 By Kyle Johnson:

Achieving a perfect 100% Google Lighthouse audit score with Next and Redux

Jumping down a satisfying rabbit hole with NextJS

Published: Aug 26 2019 By Kyle Johnson:

Our Tools - 2019 Edition

The development tools Bullet Train can't live without in 2019

Published: Jun 24 2019 By Ben Rometsch:

Overcoming bottlenecks between design, frontend and backend developers

A few things you can do to help work better together in your development team

Published: May 29 2019 By Kyle Johnson:

Step by Step - Writing end to end tests for your web project

How to implement end-to-end tests using Nightwatch and NodeJS

Published: Dec 10 2018 By Kyle Johnson:

Hacking our e2e tests to make them more useful

How Bullet Train adjusted their nightwatch e2e tests to provide API error reporting.

Published: Nov 27 2018 By Kyle Johnson:

A sensible approach to Cross platform development with React and React Native

How I go about developing shared code between web and React Native

Published: Aug 27 2018 By Kyle Johnson:

Using feature flags and remote config in CI

Why we developed and open sourced Bullet Train, the remote feature management tool.

Published: Jun 12 2018 By Kyle Johnson:
Bullet Train is now Flagsmith, read about it here.