Flagsmith vs. Unleash

Flagsmith is an open source Unleash alternative built to help engineering teams securely decouple deploy and release. With world class performance and powerful experimentation, Flagsmith helps you ship faster and continuously improve your product.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Open Source
Unlimited Feature Flags Included
Flexible Hosting Options
Free SaaS Product!
Global Edge API
Unlimited Environments Included
Dynamic Flags

Use our hosted API, deploy to your own private cloud, or run on-premises

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Flagsmith has made it possible to push features to production without a protracted QA process, and without the fear that we’ll need to roll back the entire release if it doesn’t pan out.

Jedidiah Hurt, Palo Alto Software


Continue making decisions where they're already being made. Native integrations take just a few clicks to set up, or there are webhooks available.

So how does this all work?

Our mission is to empower development teams to ship faster and continuously improve their products. That applies to the largest enterprise or a small startup; so we have features and pricing plans to meet the needs of any team.

See what features you need, or reach out and talk to us to learn more. We love helping you ship features faster and with more confidence!

How do you calculate API calls per month?

Yes! Flagsmith's product is open source and available on GitHub, check out our project here.

Are we able to run Flagsmith on-premises on our own infrastructure?

Yes! We believe that enabling engineering teams to run feature flags how they want is fundamental to a great feature management platform. You can run Flagsmith on-prem with your own infrastructure, you can use our Global Edge API and if that isn't enough, we'll even set-up a private cloud infrastructure just for your team.

What happens if I go over my plan limit?

Don't worry; we'll carry on serving your feature flags to your users. We realise that this is important to your application. If this does happen, we'll be in touch to discuss upgrading you to a new plan.

What about an annual discount?

If this sort of pricing is important to you - please get in touch. We are happy to accommodate longer agreements and work with your legal/security teams to get up and running.

Absolutely, we used to have a multi-step, weekly deployment cadence and we now ship to production daily!
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