Flagsmith & Datadog Provide a Streamlined Stack Status View

Cassandra Polzin
April 23, 2021
Datadog + Flagsmith logos

Datadog provides developers with a transparent view of their application and stack performance. With their expansive library of integrations, Datadog consolidates data across your various platforms, making it easy to quickly get a birds’ eye view of any situation.

Flagsmith makes it easy to roll out new features with feature flags. With Flagsmith, you get to choose exactly which users have access to features, with easy roll-back capabilities if it doesn’t perform as expected.

Flagsmith recently joined the Datadog integration family to give you insights into a key area of your applications: feature flags. With our straightforward integration, we’re able to share feature flag events right to your Datadog event stream.

To integrate Flagsmith with Datadog, you’ll need to generate an API key from within Datadog. Explore exactly how to get the integration set up in our Datadog Integration documentation.

Now, you can monitor the performance of your feature flags, alongside the rest of your tech stack!

Explore all of the platforms Flagsmith integrates with here.



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