Integrate Segment with Flagsmith

Alex Boswell
March 10, 2021
Segment and Flagsmith logos

Segment is a Customer Data Platform that thousands of companies use as their central hub for collecting and synthesizing first-party customer data. The key to making a CDP useful is having the right customer data to analyze…

Flagsmith is a feature flagging service that allows a company to run phased rollouts or A/B testing safely and easily. The key to getting value out of a phased rollout or A/B test is connecting the experience of a user with their actions elsewhere in your application or on your website…

The story almost writes itself! The simple to deploy integration allows you to send information about the Identities in Flagsmith and what flags they saw directly to Segment, where the rest of your customer data is. This means you can run A/B tests driven by Flagsmith, and have the data automatically show up in Segment. Now you’re ready to do analysis using all of your customer data, in any connected data analysis tool you like.

Adding the Segment integration to in the Flagsmith application

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