Announcing Real-Time Feature Flagging

Anna Redbond
April 13, 2023

We’re excited to announce the launch of real-time feature flags with Flagsmith! 

Real-time feature flagging lets you push live changes to users and keep your systems and environments synced.

Join the Beta 

Real-time flags are currently in beta. Please contact us to join. 

Note: This feature is currently part of our SaaS Scale-Up and Enterprise plans. Find out more about our pricing options here.

How Does Real-Time Feature Flagging Work?

Whenever you turn a feature on or off, our real-time streaming architecture evaluates and synchronises flag changes instantly. This happens across all platforms and environments. 

Kill Switches and Time-Sensitive Feature Management 

Real-time flags let you implement kill switches that instantly react to flag changes and turn off features. They also let you quickly adjust features as soon as they are changed in the dashboard. 

This can lead to fewer API calls (and lower costs), easier management of time-sensitive features, and fewer disruptions to the user experience. 

Read more about real-time flag uses—and how they work under the hood—in our Docs. 

cartoon image of people looking at graphs and dials

Stream flag changes from Flagsmith downstream to connected clients in real time. 

To start using real-time feature flags, create your account or contact us.



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