Bullet Train is now Flagsmith

Ben Rometsch
Ben Rometsch
Nov 13 2020

We are excited to share that Bullet Train is now Flagsmith (www.flagsmith.com). Along with this rebrand, we have updated the look and feel of the website and application. While the visible elements are changing, we are still here serving your flags and that isn’t changing one bit.

When we named the company Bullet Train, we thought about helping product teams get builds out faster. We still love that and we hope we help you achieve it. There were some challenges with the name though, and we had feedback that folks were sometimes confused. We decided it was time for a name that was a bit more unique and clearer.

The benefits of using Flagsmith go beyond speed, so when we chose the new name, we wanted that to be reflected. To us, Flagsmith evokes quality and pride in the work you do. We are happy to provide the tools that empower you to ship faster and continuously improve your products. To set a new standard for what your team can achieve.

We hope you like the new name and look!

Bullet Train is now Flagsmith, read about it here.